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Macbeth: Presented by Queen’s School of Drama and Music

Wed, Feb 3, 20168:00 pm
Thu, Feb 4, 20168:00 pm
Fri, Feb 5, 20168:00 pm
Sat, Feb 6, 20162:00 pm
8:00 pm
Sun, Feb 7, 20168:00 pm
Tue, Feb 9, 20168:00 pm
Wed, Feb 10, 20168:00 pm
Thu, Feb 11, 20168:00 pm
Studio Theatre at The Isabel
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One of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, Macbeth tells the story of the valiant Scottish soldier whose encounter with three witches transforms his life.  Macbeth and his wife become obsessed by the witches’ prophecy that he will one day become king, and they embark on a murderous plan that begins with the assassination of the sitting king and becomes ever wider and more savage.  Staged with flaming illusion, magic and the clash of steel against steel, this classic tale explores how political ambition run amok leads to a nightmarish world of evil, deceit and murder.
This production of Macbeth features a cast of 17 women and three men.  Director Kim Renders states, “Character, like good and evil, is sexless. So to honour the student demographics of the Queen’s Drama program, women dominate this production of Macbeth. Their performances of ambition, revenge, and malice, ring true. We need simply to tell the story.”


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